Tuesday, February 12

Baby Boy Has Teeth

So this post is extremely overdue since his teeth actually came in on January 18th HOWEVER, he is super sneaky and refuses to let you take pictures of his chompers... until he smiles.  I caught these adorable shots while sitting at my desk.  He is such a happy kid.

Wednesday, January 30

Antler Spray, Calf Blood & Catfish

What happened to sports heros? You know, the guys and gals who kids can look up to, strive to be like, mirror their play and practice after? Where did they go, or at least why don't we hear all about them?

Today the ESPN talking heads chant about those who admits to using performance enhancing drugs, those who lie about using the boosters and one idiot who was "catfished" (liar). It is heartbreaking that these morons and thugs are what our kids are shown as folks to look up to. Really? I don't want my son looking up to someone who was once involved with a murder and who uses banned substances, no matter how great he plays football. I don't want him looking up to a cyclist who sues people for accusing him of using 'roids when he actually was. And I REALLY don't want my son looking up to someone who is either a part of a huge scheme OR is just an idiot.

Am I wrong that I want MY son to strive for more? To strive for something so much greater than any of these low lives could ever achieve? No. I'm a mom who wants the best for my son - especially his heros. I want people my son can look up to for guidance and structure, for greatness and so much more.

Sadly the mediocrity of today's society calls for kids to excel but lie and cheat while they do it. Not my kid. No way. I'm setting his standards higher than you Ray Lewis. His goals bigger than you Lance Armstrong. His smarts years ahead of you Manti Teo. You three are today's news but there are others... There are so many others.

It's time kids AND adults learn to ask more of their heros and sports "idols". What are you asking for?

Tuesday, January 29

Let's play ball Mom

Although I'm slammed with design projects (a great problem to have), I do enjoy my play breaks with little man. Not a lot to report, just some fun pictures to browse. Enjoy!

Monday, January 28

Dedicating Wyatt

Yesterday we celebrated our little gift from above with his dedication at church.  Our family gathered with us for the occasion along with Wyatt's Godparents.  Such a meaningful time making a promise to God, to Wyatt, to our families and to our church that we would raise Wyatt in a loving, Christ-centered home.  Reflecting on it this morning gives me such a feeling of honor.  What an awesome role Brandon and I play!

Here are some photos of the fun!
Brandon reading a portion of the letter we wrote to Wyatt on stage.  He did GREAT!

Daddy & Wyatt

The Wallace Family

Wyatt's Godparents

The Hunt Family

Monday, January 21

Here come the teeth

Exciting news out of the Hunt house - we have 2 new teeth coming through! The pearly whites broke through on Friday & have been the topic of many conversations since. (Who would've thought that chats of baby teeth would be so interesting to me...)

This kid is always fast to smile & now has something new to show off when he does. I hope he always has such a great attitude.

Tuesday, January 15

Sweet potatoes with a side of smiles

Super mom here reporting that I finally attempted & successfully made baby food for little man! I don't know who was happier with the end result - him or me.

Brandon's sweet Memaw gave us some of her home grown sweet potatoes which neither of us eat. Wyatt, on the other hand, loves sweet potatoes. Instead of letting them go to waste I decided to bake them up, blend them soft & feed my ever growing boy. Success!

Even though baby food doesn't break the bank, I may give other items a go just for kicks & giggles. If you're interested, here is how I did it.

1. Take sweet potato(s) & poke holes into them with a fork. Wrap in aluminum foil.
2. Bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes. Let cool when finished baking.
3. Once cool, scoop sweet potato out of skins into a blender. I used my husband's favorite appliance - his Magic Bullet). Add water as needed to achieve proper consistency.
4. Store in containers & feed that baby!

Wyatt says this recipe rocks... See?

Sunday, January 13

Oh how they grow: 5 Months

I can't even believe that I'm sitting here writing this blog post - he is 5 months already?  I feel like I just got home from the hospital with my 7lb bundle of joy.  Now, he is 14lbs of spunk.  We are so blessed.

I'm 5 Months Old Today!

Look at what I can do!


Too cute.

Charlie gives too many kisses!