Monday, November 30

293 Days to Go!

Wedding update:

Website - The Knot
So I couldn't decide if I wanted a wedding blog or if I wanted to create a simple "Knot" website... after going back and forth I figured that The Knot site would be better (time wise) and that I could blog wedding junk here! 

Venue - 550 Trackside
We've set the date (September 19, 2010) and selected the venue...  Located in downtown Lawrenceville (Georgia), 550 Trackside was our first stop.  After walking in the doors we immediately fell in love with the site.  It's rustic decor, stone walls, and iron works were the details that sealed the deal.  Below are some pictures from their website and some I took while on our visit.

Registry - #1 Macys
Yesterday, Brandon and I ventured to Macys to begin "gunning" our items.  After speaking with the Bridal specialist and getting the checklist and scanner, we began roaming the store looking at all the items.  Talk about overwhelming!  It took us a little time before we actually picked our first item, but after a while we got the hang of it.  We are planning on registering at Bed, Bath & Beyond & Home Depot as well... but that will be later.  One step at a time here!  :) 


  1. Hi again :)
    I will give you this piece of advice that I wish someone had told me... Don't rush to do your registries. Most of the things that are available now probably won't be there when everyone is gift hunting for you. I did my registry a little too early and by the time my shower and wedding came around, my husband and I had to go back to add items. A lot of our items were no longer in stock.

    Enjoy your engagement and take it slow! Congrats again!

  2. Viktoria, thanks for the advice! I totally get where you are coming from. We went ahead and did our first registry so that people who weren't sure what we wanted for Christmas could get some ideas!

    We'll hold off on the other until later! Any more advice? Send it my way!! :)