Thursday, July 26

Baby Shower #4 & #5

Diapers, diapers everywhere!! Baby stuff galore!!

Last weekend we seriously RACKED UP on baby gear, clothes, diapers, toys, etc for Wyatt. I know I've said it before but this kid is going to be the best dressed person in our household!

On Friday we had a diaper shower hosted by some family friends. Being so blessed we now have 2 (yes, I said 2) closets full of diapers ranging from newborn all the way to size 4!! Looks like we won't be buying any diapers for a while :). The shower was low key (perfect) and featured a YUMMY taco bar.

Sunday we were monsooned with gifts from our family! We finished out our big items - stroller, check & infant carrier, check - along with more clothes, toys, bath goodies, etc. We are so blessed. :)

Here are some photos from our weekend showers:

The Parents-to-be at Friday's Diaper Shower
Wyatt's Cake at Sunday's Family Shower
Our Family Shower
Mommy-to-be's Favorites!
Our Family Shower
Our Family Shower

Be Thankful: Friends Like Family

Today is one of B & my best friend's birthdays - a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! The birthday boy, his beautiful wife and their amazing little girl have become more than friends over the past few years; they are family. Today, when I sent him a "happy birthday" text his response was such an amazing reminder of how thankful we are to call them family...

"Thank girl. Now pop out that baby and make it my best bday ever!"

See?! Even THEY love our little Wyatt and he isn't even here yet. So blessed to have them as friends and for Wyatt to have them to learn from as he grows. God is good :)

Wednesday, July 25

Be Thankful: God's Words

Being towards the end of pregnancy my emotions are running wild. The slightest emotion change and it's like someone turned on a water hose. Y'all that know me, KNOW that isn't typical... It's honestly driving me nuts!

Today I'm resting in the fact that God's will is always best... His words comfort even when you're upset over the trivial things in life. I'm so thankful for His grace and comfort always but especially now when I feel like my emotions are irrational. It's as if He is telling me that my tears are ok and that He will stand by me no matter what - even when hormones get the best of me.

Praise God!

Wednesday, July 18

Be Thankful: Bama Flip Flops

When you're pregnant it's the little things that make your day shine...

Today I'm super thankful for my Bama flip flops that I'm rocking at work (shhhhh... Don't tell). They allow my swollen preggo feet to stay comfy as possible.

What little things make your day shine?

Tuesday, July 17

Be Thankful: False Labor

This morning has been rather eventful. I woke up for work as always, dragged myself through my morning routine and poured myself into my car for my 1-hour commute. The only difference was that I started having contractions just before I left the house (around 6:45am)! Now I knew that this was most likely false labor but it still was nerve wracking for the long commute. Once I got to my office I was able to time the contractions - had 5 during the 8 o'clock hour, 4 during the 9 o'clock hour and 3 during the 10 o'clock hour. As they progressively slowed down I'm figuring all is well!

Yesterday's report of 2cm & 50% effaced also helped keep my mind on the false labor. Needless to say, I'll be packing my hospital bag tonight just to be safe ;).

Today I am thankful for God's calming grace. As I started feeling the stronger contractions this morning I had a moment of panic that was quickly followed by a calming feeling as if someone put their arms around my shoulders and whispered, "it will be ok... Stay calm." My prayer is the same calm will overcome me during actual labor!

Due date is 27 days away, but I'm not feeling confident that we will make it that long! ;)

Monday, July 16

Here He Comes...

Happy 36 weeks to me! Today's doctor's appointment was awesome. We found out that I'm 2cm dilated and 50% effaced... Which is great news! Mr. Wyatt is head down and in position.

Our next appointment is next Tuesday. I'm interested to see if I dilate more or stay the same.

Now... We wait!

Sunday, July 15

Baby Shower #3

Wyatt is spoiled and he still has a month to cook! Today we enjoyed a beautiful shower hosted by my fabulous Mary Kay team. Here are some of the best shots!
The Mary Kay Ladies
Wyatt's Precious New Clothes!
Mom's Ready to POP!
Yummy Food
Adorable Favors - Wyatt Candles!

Friday, July 13

Be Thankful: Prayer

Happy Friday!! Once 4:30 rolls around it is my favorite day of the week. Hoping everyone has lovely weekend plans - mine are surrounded by fun so who can complain? A bridal makeover, a family cookout and my next baby shower - YES PLEASE!

Today, at this moment, I'm praying for my very best friend... My mom. See, she found out she has skin cancer and is having it removed this morning. She is such a trooper with her good outlook and positive mind set but when it comes to the "c" word, it's scary!

I'm so thankful for the power of prayer today. For the ability to stop my life and speak to our Lord asking for Him to be with my momma when she is scared or hurting, to guide the hands of her doctor and finally to get that cancer OUT of her. Thanks be to God for giving me this outlet - a ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.

Prayer is powerful! Be thankful for that!!

Thursday, July 12

Be Thankful: and Write

So I guess I should come clean... I have a reminder set on my phone to make me stop what I'm doing and ponder on what I'm feeling thankful for at the moment. I'm hoping that once my Thankful Journal becomes habit, I can remove the reminders and just go with the flow as things hit me... But with baby brain, I'm thinking the reminders will be here for a while ;)

Today my reminder popped up while I was finishing up a press release for work. It triggered my thoughts about what an amazing gift God has given to me in writing. So, today I am thankful for the ability to write well - my outlet for conveying important news at work and expressing myself in personal arenas. One of my "hope to accomplish someday" tasks is writing a book... Children's book or adult.

What gift are YOU thankful for?

Wednesday, July 11

Be Thankful: Feeling Large

Today I am feeling exceptionally large. Being nearly 8 months pregnant and having Wyatt move makes my insides feel like there is absolutely no room for him, or for me (to breathe, eat, live). I've noticed that my gate has started to widen where I'm actually half waddling and half walking... Picture a penguin trying to walk - that's what I feel like I'm doing.

Having said all of that, I am SO thankful for each of these feelings because they mean that we are one day, one hour, one minute, one second closer to meeting our gift from God. Each time he moves I get the warmest feeling in my heart because I know the Lord is trusting me with this beautiful angel, to raise him right, to love him and to protect him.

I am thankful for an uneventful/normal pregnancy thus far, a healthy baby boy and the ability to feel him move and grow!

Tuesday, July 10

Be Thankful: Morning Reflection

I am thankful for homemade iced coffee, my precious baby girl fur kids and most importantly, my amazing husband who stands up for his family even in the toughest situations.  His strength is a blessing and his words are comforting.

Kitchen Cabinet Re-Paint: Nesting Gone Wild

Well, well, well... Looks like another pregnancy symptom hit - nesting. Unlike most moms-to-be who pull out their nicest cleaning attire and scrub baseboards and carpets, I decided to calm my urge with painting. Not just a small project either, I painted my entire plethora of kitchen cabinets turning my muted, sandy wooden cabinets into a white wonder... They rock!

Of course I sanded, primed (2 coats) and painted each cabinet door and box to perfection for this... Add a few accessories from around the house and a select few I picked up on sale at Hobby Lobby and BOOM, beautiful:

Monday, July 9

Be Thankful: Fur Kids

I am VERY thankful for the staff at Banfield: The Pet Hospital for taking care of both of my girls during their dental surgeries.

I am also grateful for potential new career choices and opportunities.

Sunday, July 8

Be Thankful: Friends

I am EXTREMELY thankful for God bringing new friends into our lives within the past few years to help us, love us, and guide us into the next phase of our lives.  I am thankful for the Baylors, the Deans and the Dosters.  


Saturday, July 7

Be Thankful: Preggo Naps

I am thankful for afternoon naps on my living room floor.  An hour of restful sleep in the warm sun brings peace.

Friday, July 6

Be Thankful: Impressions

I am thankful for my impressions I have passed along to those I have never even met.  I thank God for giving me a strong sense of self and allowing me to be inspirational to others.

Thursday, July 5

Be Thankful: Atlanta Traffic

I am thankful for VERY LITTLE traffic on my way to work and for only having a 2 day work week!

Wednesday, July 4

Be Thankful: Family Traditions

I am thankful for family traditions that continue to thrive in our wonderful family.  Passed on from my grandparents to my mom, and now my mom to me.

Tuesday, July 3

Be Thankful: A Day Off

Today I am thankful for the day off.  Spending the day as I want is going to ROCK and will help me get my kitchen paint project finished!  

I am also extremely grateful that God puts people in my life path to open new doors for my career and family.

Monday, July 2

Be Thankful: A Journal to Remind us to Give Thanks!

Tonight at my Mary Kay Unit Meeting we spoke about several things but one stuck out to me and I am going to try and implement it into my daily life.  A Thankful Journal - a simple moment where you stop to give thanks for what you have, who you are.

Today I'm kicking it off with a note about the most important person in my life... my amazing husband.

I am SO thankful that God blessed me with a husband who can say the simplest thing unprovoked and make me feel stunningly beautiful at almost 8 months pregnant.  He brings me such joy.