Thursday, July 12

Be Thankful: and Write

So I guess I should come clean... I have a reminder set on my phone to make me stop what I'm doing and ponder on what I'm feeling thankful for at the moment. I'm hoping that once my Thankful Journal becomes habit, I can remove the reminders and just go with the flow as things hit me... But with baby brain, I'm thinking the reminders will be here for a while ;)

Today my reminder popped up while I was finishing up a press release for work. It triggered my thoughts about what an amazing gift God has given to me in writing. So, today I am thankful for the ability to write well - my outlet for conveying important news at work and expressing myself in personal arenas. One of my "hope to accomplish someday" tasks is writing a book... Children's book or adult.

What gift are YOU thankful for?

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