Friday, July 13

Be Thankful: Prayer

Happy Friday!! Once 4:30 rolls around it is my favorite day of the week. Hoping everyone has lovely weekend plans - mine are surrounded by fun so who can complain? A bridal makeover, a family cookout and my next baby shower - YES PLEASE!

Today, at this moment, I'm praying for my very best friend... My mom. See, she found out she has skin cancer and is having it removed this morning. She is such a trooper with her good outlook and positive mind set but when it comes to the "c" word, it's scary!

I'm so thankful for the power of prayer today. For the ability to stop my life and speak to our Lord asking for Him to be with my momma when she is scared or hurting, to guide the hands of her doctor and finally to get that cancer OUT of her. Thanks be to God for giving me this outlet - a ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.

Prayer is powerful! Be thankful for that!!

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