Thursday, May 20

Moving Day 2010

So, I'm freaking STOKED... We made it folks... Moving Day 2010 is almost here. Actually coming a week early, I thought this day would never come. Not that I hate where I live, because I don't. I'm actually staying here - same complex, different (MUCH larger apartment).

Here are the deets: was expecting to move the weekend of June 4-5 into a two-bedroom, two-bathroom, apartment with a loft. Thinking of all the extra space just makes my mouth water... The guest bedroom, the Mary Kay loft office. Magic was going to happen.

Then I got a call TODAY. Long story short - guy had apartment, guy doesn't want to leave apartment, B&S don't get loft apartment. Hold it, it gets amazingly better right here!

In an effort to keep good customers happy, our amazing office staff threw out some options. The final decision, after a walk through of course, is this... Next weekend we are moving into a three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment. Yes, 1548 square feet of habitable space!

Decorating thoughts mentioned in previous posts are still applicable, just no wall colors for now.

Although this is going to hit us like a ton of bricks about a week from now, the extra space is LONG overdue.

Saturday, May 15

"I" Story

When I first started Mary Kay, I was seeking an avenue for additional income with the flexibility to work on my own time - at my leisure - around my full time job. After hearing the marketing plan and learning that Mary Kay was whatever I wanted it to be, whether that is an extra $200 a month or $2,000 and hearing that the company's beliefs - God first, family second and career third - matched that of my own, I knew I had found a fit. I started my Mary Kay business on March 22 of this year and although I was in need of extra income, it was after attending my first party that I truly understood why God had led me to Mary Kay and why I am going to further develop my Mary Kay career... I finally understood what Mary Kay was all about.

The slogan "Enriching Women's Lives" encompasses it all for me. Being able to spend time and visit with women like yourselves and helping you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside is why I'm here with you today. Your happiness is the greatest reward.

I do have amazing goals with my Mary Kay business and this month, I WILL go on target for my first FREE car!!

What other part time job rewards you with the gift of helping others AND let's you earn a car?!

Good times & God bless,

Saturday, May 1

Movin' On Up: New Digs

June 4th is the day… we’re moving! Woo hoo!! No more cramped little, one bedroom, one bathroom, overflowing apartment. We’re moving up in the world… well, not in the world… in the complex though! I’m super excited to expand into the 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom loft apartment I can hardly stand it. The extra space (double what we have now) is a dream come true. My only thing is, what on earth are we going to decorate with?!

I want the new place to be really homey – not apartment acting as homey. I’ve got some more space to fancy up this time and I want to make sure it is right on the money since we’ll probably be here a few years. (I hope the next move is into our house.)

Let’s go room by room and see what I’m thinking. Thoughts, comments and suggestions are SO welcome here!

Living Room / Dining Room / Kitchen: Since it is still an apartment, the three rooms are open to one another, so color schemes need to match… kinda. In order to go with the furniture we currently have the colors are going to stay the same as they are now: reds, golden yellows, dark browns. I want a warm and cozy feel with a contemporary flare. Mix old and new – chic shack if you will. I dropped my color thoughts into the Sherwin Williams site and came up with these… do you like the golden yellow? Or charcoal?

The dining room table is a vintage piece I got from my grandmother before she passed away. It has a golden yellow top with black iron legs. So far, the dining room is my least planned room. I’m thinking of keeping the walls the cream color and using my artwork / mirrors to decorate the walls. Any suggestions for a great centerpiece?

In the kitchen our feature color is red / cinnamon. Many of my appliances are this cinnamon color, so our accents are dark browns. Since we have white cabinets in the apartment, I’m not sure how to work with more color here. Thoughts?

Master Bedroom: Since we have SO much red going on throughout the rest of the home, I want to get away from that here. The bedroom set we registered for is a charcoal/nickel color. I was thinking of accenting with a smokey blue. What do you think of this? Like the dark wall or light wall?

Bath #1 / Guest Bath: I’m going for a spa feel with chocolate browns and creamy vanillas. I want to toss a spa green in here somewhere – probably in the shower curtain or artwork. Part of me thinks this should be in the guest bathroom as it will be more welcoming for our visitors.

Bath #2 / Master Bath: Still want to use the chocolates and vanillas, but think I’m going to change it up by throwing the smokey blue back in the mix. Suggestions?

Guest Bedroom: My open slate. The only item we have for this room is my black platform bed. I have no real color preferences in here but am hoping for something bold. Maybe keep it clean and simple? Any color thoughts?

Stephanie’s Home Office / Mary Kay: I’m SUPER excited to tackle the decorating for my new home office. The loft area will be designated as the Mary Kay hub-bub of our home. I want sleek, sophisticated, lines with a relaxing feel. I also am going to create some inspirational art to adorn my walls.

So… designer friends and creative peeps HELP ME OUT!! I’ve got a month to get my color / design in order before it’s time to move on up.

Good times & God bless,