Saturday, May 15

"I" Story

When I first started Mary Kay, I was seeking an avenue for additional income with the flexibility to work on my own time - at my leisure - around my full time job. After hearing the marketing plan and learning that Mary Kay was whatever I wanted it to be, whether that is an extra $200 a month or $2,000 and hearing that the company's beliefs - God first, family second and career third - matched that of my own, I knew I had found a fit. I started my Mary Kay business on March 22 of this year and although I was in need of extra income, it was after attending my first party that I truly understood why God had led me to Mary Kay and why I am going to further develop my Mary Kay career... I finally understood what Mary Kay was all about.

The slogan "Enriching Women's Lives" encompasses it all for me. Being able to spend time and visit with women like yourselves and helping you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside is why I'm here with you today. Your happiness is the greatest reward.

I do have amazing goals with my Mary Kay business and this month, I WILL go on target for my first FREE car!!

What other part time job rewards you with the gift of helping others AND let's you earn a car?!

Good times & God bless,

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