Thursday, May 20

Moving Day 2010

So, I'm freaking STOKED... We made it folks... Moving Day 2010 is almost here. Actually coming a week early, I thought this day would never come. Not that I hate where I live, because I don't. I'm actually staying here - same complex, different (MUCH larger apartment).

Here are the deets: was expecting to move the weekend of June 4-5 into a two-bedroom, two-bathroom, apartment with a loft. Thinking of all the extra space just makes my mouth water... The guest bedroom, the Mary Kay loft office. Magic was going to happen.

Then I got a call TODAY. Long story short - guy had apartment, guy doesn't want to leave apartment, B&S don't get loft apartment. Hold it, it gets amazingly better right here!

In an effort to keep good customers happy, our amazing office staff threw out some options. The final decision, after a walk through of course, is this... Next weekend we are moving into a three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment. Yes, 1548 square feet of habitable space!

Decorating thoughts mentioned in previous posts are still applicable, just no wall colors for now.

Although this is going to hit us like a ton of bricks about a week from now, the extra space is LONG overdue.

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