Tuesday, June 29

Wedding Invitations

September 19th is quickly approaching (82 days for you folks who are counting down) & I'm getting super excited! Sometimes I'm nervous, others calm - just cannot wait!!

In order to have a HUGE yet budget wedding, I decided one way to cut costs would be to make my own invitations. Wanting them to follow along with the theme - Simple Southern Elegance. I found a really cute idea for the invites at Michaels and decided I'd give them a shot. Making my changes in the ribbon color and invitation selection, they are EXACTLY what I was looking for!

The best part is the price! With coupons and a selection of a little cheaper ribbon, the total for all the invitation supplies is right at $200... Saves me a nice chunk of change all while giving me the simplicity I was going for (and allowing me to throw my crafting skills in to the mix).

First, I printed the information on the invitations by following the instructions provided in the invitation box. All it takes is a little formatting in word and you're all set! Then, I cut the ribbons to fit around the invites for a little pop of color...

Secured them with glue dots and poof! My perfect Simple Southern Elegance wedding invitations!! I also made the response cards, printed the return address on the envelope and made the cute little "info" squares to let guests know about our wedding website where the bulk of the information can be found.

What special touches did you add to your wedding invitations?

Good times & God bless,

Saturday, June 5

Moooving Aint No Fun...

... So I'm staying put for the next couple of years!

Hello blogging world! Whew... We are in and the new digs are super-amazingly-fantastic! (Like my new word?)

Let me start with a quick shout out to ALL of the family and friends who helped out (Keith, Tim, Timbo, Deb, Adrian, Waters, Kevin & Ma for watching the granddog). We appreciate ALL the help and would've never been able to get it done without you!!

As we started unpacking everything I decided that the walls were going to have to stay the plain ol' creamy color for a while - I have no energy or time to tackle that right now. Slowly, but surely, things are being unpacked and pictures are making their way to the walls - it's so nice!!!

Here are a couple of quick pictures of the place. Note, it is no where near being finished on the decorating end.

Living Room

Dining Room


Mary Kay Office

Stop on by for a tour anytime! :)

Good times & God bless,