Friday, May 29

"My Eyes Adored You"...

It all started last summer when Frankie Valli played Chastain Park Amphitheater. My mom, being a HUGE Frankie Valli fan, asked me if I would mind going with her. I, being a HUGE Chastain fan, said yes. Heck, how bad could a Frankie Valli concert be? I grew up listening to his hits: “Big Girls Don’t Cry”… “Sherry”… “Walk Like A Man”… Needless to say, the show was a blast.

A couple months later, Mom heard that the Broadway show Jersey Boys was coming to the Fox. She bought us tickets and said that she would treat me to a day if I would be willing to go with her… Umm, YES I’LL GO!

So here we are – up to date and in the present. Yesterday was the big day. We headed downtown for our matinee performance. Starting a block down at a cute little Italian/Mediterranean inspired place called Enoteca Carbonari. The food was delish, and the wine even better! Sitting on the patio looking out onto Peachtree I thought to myself “how lucky am I to have this mom!?”

After lunch we strolled up to the Fabulous Fox; so perfectly named, as it is extremely fabulous! The show started and I swear I sang every song along with the cast for the next two hours.

My Un-Professional Critique: Jersey Boys is a MUST SEE! The cast’s charisma is magical. On stage Frankie was perfection – his notes ringing from the 1950’s & 1960’s. The Four Seasons (Tommy DeVito, Nick Massi, and Bob Gaudio) gave a spectacular performance, showing the ups and downs of life on the road, getting started, hitting it big, and all the bumps in between. The crowd was so drawn into the performance that I felt we were all passerbys of real life – the true life and story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

So “Bye Bye Baby, Baby Bye Bye” Jersey Boys and thanks Mom for another wonderful Mother-Daughter day. “Big Girls Don’t Cry” when they get to spend fabulous days with their fabulous moms!

Friday, May 22

Sweating The Small Stuff

Tonight, while driving home from the Mill Creek graduation, I witnessed an event that could have changed people’s lives forever. A semi truck about 50 feet in front of me began changing lanes on top of a very compact car. The car swerved onto the shoulder, reacting to the large truck looming in its lane. Luckily, before there was contact, the truck driver realized that he was encroaching lanes and swerved back to correct. I’m sure a few choice words were exchanged, and possibly a “you’re #1” finger, but in the scheme of things, no harm… no foul.

Although this event occurs everyday around Atlanta, tonight’s event struck me differently. Brandon and I had a bit of a sour evening together. He was irritated... I got irritated... We were both irritated and BOOM... “Not-so-hot-night”. While thinking about my “not-so-hot-night”, the potential incident with the semi truck occurred, making me stop thinking irrationally and start thinking more about the larger picture. As if written in story, the cliché, “don’t sweat the small stuff” popped into my head making me realize something very important: how often do we take each other for granted?

What if that had been my car? His car? What would the other have thought after hearing that we had been injured in an accident just minutes after leaving one another? Would the “small stuff” seem important then?

Sometimes life seems to happen in order for things to come into perspective. Although cliché. “don’t sweat the small stuff” is a true-life lesson. We must appreciate each day as if it were our last and appreciate each other the same.

Wednesday, May 20

Filling a Six-Year Void

It’s been six years. Six years since I lost my beautiful Boston Terrier, Sugar Dawg. After being a loyal companion (and sister because we are REALLY dog people) we lost her at the age of 15. Six years later, I am sitting here longing for the companionship from a cute and cuddly puppy. I miss the ups and the downs, the training and the learning process that follows. I miss the puppy breath! I want a puppy!

This past weekend, Brandon and I continued our search to find the future “Hunt-Wallace” abode. We spent most of the day Saturday visiting different apartment complexes asking questions, seeing apartments, hearing the perks, wondering if they were all worth it… Each place asked one same question. “Will you be bringing a pet with you when you join us?” Our answer was no, but I always threw in “what is your pet policy… just in case.”

I have thought about it since Saturday. What have I done all this time without a dog?! Am I loosing my “dog lovers card”? Dogs can brighten a day, a mood, and a moment. They give unconditional love like nothing else. The six-year void longs to be filled (preferably with a cute little Boston Terrier).

Nothing can replace my Sugar Dawg, but it is time that I fill the void she left behind.

Friday, May 15

Lackadaisical Self-Discipline Policy

People never cease to amaze me, and in this case I’m not talking in a good way.

In business, there are deadlines. These deadlines must be met by each group/company/person in order for the end result to occur – the client is satisfied with the promptness and dedication. In today’s society, these deadlines seem to have gone by the wayside causing utter chaos when projects are not completed.

In my business (marketing/public relations) deadlines are our everything. We arrive at work just to meet deadlines set by publications, clients, etc. We must be sure to prepare our information and products with plenty of time to spare. The problem is you can’t always do it on your own; sometimes you must depend on others to complete projects. With this, I have learned a very valuable bit of information: the more people that are involved in the completion of a project, the more time it will take and the more hardships it will cause.

In group projects, when the people involved let their portion of the project lack the dedication it should take, the whole group is set for failure. In my case, I must depend on printers quite often in order to provide clients the appropriate support material they need. When the printer is not successful in completing their end of the deal and does not meet their deadline, I then must contact the client (while looking like an imbecile) and let them know that I was unable to provide them the service they need. To me, that is unacceptable. I do not what the reputation of being incapable of doing my job.

This lack of self-discipline that is seen in the work place, our homes, our schools, and especially our government is slaughtering society. It seems like the title of “dependable person” flew out the window with the rest of the nation’s morals, leaving those of us who are in need of assistance every now and then to fend for ourselves.

Keeping the Inner “Fat Kid” Quiet

Let me start by saying that I’m not calling myself fat. I don’t need therapy (well, not for that at least). Fat kid is a term I heard in a movie while in college. If I’m not mistaken, it was a line by Jack Black – the Ultimate Fat Kid. Fat kid, to me, is more of a mindset rather than a body type. If you weigh 90 pounds, but are craving a Big Mac and a large fry, then you are a Fat Kid; if you weigh 300 pounds and are dying for a piece of chocolate cake, then you are a Fat Kid. The thing is this; Fat Kidism does not discriminate. It will hit anyone anytime anywhere.

I’ve been battling my inner Fat Kid for a couple of weeks now. I started slow by changing my eating habits (intake of calories around 1500 per day) and drinking 8 glasses of water a day. It was hard at first: I was hungry when the meal was over, I craved fatty foods, and I wanted my McDonald’s Happy Meal! Now, just three weeks later, I can eat less and be more satisfied all while NOT craving the Happy Meal. I started back to my recumbent bike riding as well. Each morning I get up and ride for 4 – 5 miles which helps me wake up and get energized for the day. It is amazing how much better you feel after just a 30-minute workout!

I’m happy to report that by just silencing the inner Fat Kid most of the time (I’ll still splurge if it is a good occasion), I’m already down 11 pounds and I haven’t even weighed in this week! If that isn’t motivation, then I don’t know what is!

Here’s to the Fat Kid in you. Embrace it, celebrate it, but make sure that it keeps quiet sometimes too!

Church Sign #1

"God will supply all your needs... not all your wants."

Thursday, May 14

Things That Irk Me Part I

As many of my recent posts have been more emotionally driven, I decided to take a moment to share some of my more sarcastic side. Please note I am a professional at this. I have over 25 years of experience.

  • When people hit "reply to all" in an email when they don't know " all"... I hate getting random messages from random people.
  • When people say "I appreciate your effort...". What they really mean is "you did a crappy job, next time I'll do it myself.
  • Obnoxious drunk people. Go out... Have fun... Just don't be an ass about it!
  • Dramatic people. No, the world does not revolve around you. Sorry to inform you of this.
  • People who continue to explain themselves after you get the concept. We get it! Just shut up!
  • Traffic. I have road rage... I know this.

Saturday, May 9

Mother’s Day: A Southern Tradition

Just this week I learned of a Southern tradition that has faded into the past. On Mother’s Day, roses are worn – red in honor of your mother, white in memory of your mother. While enjoying her birthday dinner my mom told me of the tradition and stories of when she was a young girl wearing her red rose to church. She said on Mother’s Day morning, she and my grandma would go into the backyard and cut fresh red roses from the bush to wear to church. Having forgot about the tradition in past years, Mom remembered as she thought about a Mother’s Day without her mom. She asked if I would be interested in or even mind wearing a rose on Sunday. I of course said that I would love to!
Mother’s Day is truly wonderful. It is a time for the world to stop the everyday hustle and bustle and celebrate our mothers who teach us, comfort us, mold us… It is a day for celebration – a day of remembrance.
In order to continue the Southern tradition, we will wear our roses tomorrow – she a white, and I a red. I am excited to continue this Southern tradition tomorrow as I wear my beautiful rose in absolute honor of my best friend… my mom.

In loving memory of my inspiring, caring, beautiful Grandmommy, Barbara Edmondson

Friday, May 8

First Fruits

This week I attended a “Vision Chat” at my church (yep, I said MY church… I have a church! YAY!). First I need to say that I am PUMPED about the vision PK has for us. It was a great opportunity to see more into the nuts and bolts of the church. At the end of the chat PK asked us to ask God what it was that we were to give for the new vision. I went home that night and prayed about it – have thought about it since Wednesday night – had a conversation with my mom and future parents-in-laws last night. The thing is this: I have little money to give. What I make, I spend on living expenses.

Never in my life have I tithed. I always thought that the church had plenty of people who gave plenty of money and that my measly dollars would not make a difference. It took attending 12Stone, listening to the chat, and talking with my family for me to finally get it. It isn’t about the church – it is about blind faith. As my mom put it, “it is about stepping off a cliff and trusting that God will be there to support you no matter what.” Powerful stuff here – awesome and powerful!

After the conversation last night (thank you Mom, Tim, & Deb) I have decided that instead of going above and beyond, I’m going to start small. My commitment will be to honestly tithe for the next two years as faithfully as I possibly can and in that time, if I am able to give more I will. Instead of focusing on “The Vision”, I will focus on First Fruits and staying on the path of getting right with God.

I’m pumped about “The Vision” and am so glad that I have the opportunity to be a part of it all, but I’m more pumped about the fact that I’m actually in it for real this time… First Fruits to God – there not a better feeling!