Friday, May 8

First Fruits

This week I attended a “Vision Chat” at my church (yep, I said MY church… I have a church! YAY!). First I need to say that I am PUMPED about the vision PK has for us. It was a great opportunity to see more into the nuts and bolts of the church. At the end of the chat PK asked us to ask God what it was that we were to give for the new vision. I went home that night and prayed about it – have thought about it since Wednesday night – had a conversation with my mom and future parents-in-laws last night. The thing is this: I have little money to give. What I make, I spend on living expenses.

Never in my life have I tithed. I always thought that the church had plenty of people who gave plenty of money and that my measly dollars would not make a difference. It took attending 12Stone, listening to the chat, and talking with my family for me to finally get it. It isn’t about the church – it is about blind faith. As my mom put it, “it is about stepping off a cliff and trusting that God will be there to support you no matter what.” Powerful stuff here – awesome and powerful!

After the conversation last night (thank you Mom, Tim, & Deb) I have decided that instead of going above and beyond, I’m going to start small. My commitment will be to honestly tithe for the next two years as faithfully as I possibly can and in that time, if I am able to give more I will. Instead of focusing on “The Vision”, I will focus on First Fruits and staying on the path of getting right with God.

I’m pumped about “The Vision” and am so glad that I have the opportunity to be a part of it all, but I’m more pumped about the fact that I’m actually in it for real this time… First Fruits to God – there not a better feeling!

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