Saturday, May 9

Mother’s Day: A Southern Tradition

Just this week I learned of a Southern tradition that has faded into the past. On Mother’s Day, roses are worn – red in honor of your mother, white in memory of your mother. While enjoying her birthday dinner my mom told me of the tradition and stories of when she was a young girl wearing her red rose to church. She said on Mother’s Day morning, she and my grandma would go into the backyard and cut fresh red roses from the bush to wear to church. Having forgot about the tradition in past years, Mom remembered as she thought about a Mother’s Day without her mom. She asked if I would be interested in or even mind wearing a rose on Sunday. I of course said that I would love to!
Mother’s Day is truly wonderful. It is a time for the world to stop the everyday hustle and bustle and celebrate our mothers who teach us, comfort us, mold us… It is a day for celebration – a day of remembrance.
In order to continue the Southern tradition, we will wear our roses tomorrow – she a white, and I a red. I am excited to continue this Southern tradition tomorrow as I wear my beautiful rose in absolute honor of my best friend… my mom.

In loving memory of my inspiring, caring, beautiful Grandmommy, Barbara Edmondson


  1. Thanks for posting this! I'm a southern girl living in Jerusalem, and I was looking all over the internet for info about who got which color! ;)

  2. Thanks for the comment! They are always appreciated!!