Friday, May 15

Lackadaisical Self-Discipline Policy

People never cease to amaze me, and in this case I’m not talking in a good way.

In business, there are deadlines. These deadlines must be met by each group/company/person in order for the end result to occur – the client is satisfied with the promptness and dedication. In today’s society, these deadlines seem to have gone by the wayside causing utter chaos when projects are not completed.

In my business (marketing/public relations) deadlines are our everything. We arrive at work just to meet deadlines set by publications, clients, etc. We must be sure to prepare our information and products with plenty of time to spare. The problem is you can’t always do it on your own; sometimes you must depend on others to complete projects. With this, I have learned a very valuable bit of information: the more people that are involved in the completion of a project, the more time it will take and the more hardships it will cause.

In group projects, when the people involved let their portion of the project lack the dedication it should take, the whole group is set for failure. In my case, I must depend on printers quite often in order to provide clients the appropriate support material they need. When the printer is not successful in completing their end of the deal and does not meet their deadline, I then must contact the client (while looking like an imbecile) and let them know that I was unable to provide them the service they need. To me, that is unacceptable. I do not what the reputation of being incapable of doing my job.

This lack of self-discipline that is seen in the work place, our homes, our schools, and especially our government is slaughtering society. It seems like the title of “dependable person” flew out the window with the rest of the nation’s morals, leaving those of us who are in need of assistance every now and then to fend for ourselves.

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