Wednesday, February 15

Caprese Inspired Salad

The unmatched taste of ripe tomatoes, creamy mozzarella and fresh basil is one of my favorites. Wanting to enjoy this delicious combination on a larger scale, I decided to add a twist to this classic salad. It's a party hit, a family favorite... Enjoy!

Fresh Basil
Iceberg Lettuce
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar

1. Chop tomatoes, mozzarella (I use the pearls that are already separated) and Basil.
2. In a large bowl layer iceberg and arugula. Alternate until bowl is full.
3. On top sprinkle tomatoes, mozzarella and basil.
4. Drizzle olive oil.
5. When served, drizzle with balsamic vinegar.

It's pretty & tasty!

Thursday, February 9

The Hun's House Hunt: The Offer Process

Well, here we sit with deadline approaching. Our paperwork turned in nearly 24 hours early it's just a waiting game now. Here is what happened...

On Sunday, we met with our realtor to complete the offer paperwork. Our info was submitted and we skipped out of her office with excitement. Monday we got the call - other offers are on the table and they may decide not to even review ours. Not losing hope, we began praying. If this was to be our house, let them add us to this mix! On Tuesday we got the notification that our offer had been added to the mix and that we would be going into a "highest & best" situation. Wednesday we received the paperwork needed and promptly signed and returned them so our realtor could submit our final offer - the same as before in our case. The deadline for submitting the forms is today at 1pm. Until then, no decisions will be made as all parties have to go "all in" if they want this house. I'm anxious but at ease during this process. Part of me feels like we will get the house and the other part that is unsure has given it to God. If this is the house we will call home then we will get it. If not, God will lead us to our home. :)

So now, we wait. And although I'm relying on God, I'm still impatient! :)

More news to follow... Whenever we hear!

Wednesday, February 8

Baking Soda & Solo Cups

Has anyone ever heard of the Baking Soda gender test? Ok, me neither (& if you said yes then whoopty freakin do). My gal pal from my days at the U of A told me about it. You see, she is due 8 days before me so she was giving it a go for herself. I looked up instructions and decided that I wouldn't wait to do it in the comfort of my own bathrooms. No! I'll try it at work!!

I scoured the kitchen for my supplies - a disposable cup (because you can't ever wash out pee smell... Ewww) and some Baking Soda. Lucky for me, we have a test friendly facility here!

I sprinkled around a teaspoon of Baking Soda into the cup and then snuck into the bathroom to add my personalized ingredient. (You pee in the cup for those of us who have no clue). The test is supposed to fizz up if you're having a boy because your pee is more acidic. If its a girl, it just mixes together with no bubbly action.

Well, here is the results... It fizzed around the edge but not in the middle and no where near as much as other photos I found online. (Yes, people post pictures of their frothy/non-frothy pee. I was disturbed so I'm sparing a photo). I'm leaning towards girl BUT who knows!! We have our next ultrasound in 6 weeks where we should find out a more definite answer.

Much love,
Steph & Peanut

Saturday, February 4

The Hunt's House Hunt: House Visits Round #2

After mulling over the two homes for a few days we decided to enlist the assistance and eyes of our family and friends to check out the two homes. We asked for them to point out all the flaws of each place just in case we missed something on our first visits. Starting at House #2 everyone immediately started singing the praises of the yard and the 1 1/2 story layout. However, when we arrived at House #1 the ooooos and ahhhs began flowing with the impressive entry, the spacious living space and 4 bedrooms. It was as if our concerns were quieted and all fears of "is this the right decision" went out the window.

After looking at House #1 we were greeted by the neighbors wondering when we were moving in. A 15 minute conversation answered more questions making our final decision quite simple. Tomorrow morning we will be submitting an offer!! Prayers that it is promptly accepted and that the inspection goes well.

Here is an action picture of the family inspection of House #1:

Wednesday, February 1

The Hunt's House Hunt: The Findings

So many have asked for photos of the homes.  Here are the photos that are available through the listings as I am a bad home buyer and forgot my camera yesterday.  I know, shame on me.  However, we will be visiting on Friday and I plan to snap lots of pictures of each.

House #1:
Front View


Living Room


Dining Room
Master Bedroom

Master Bath 1

Master Bath 2

Extra Bedroom 1

Extra Bedroom 2 - Same as Bedroom 3

So.... WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS on House #1?!?  On to the next!

House #2:
Front View

Living Room


Dining Room

Master on Main

Master Bath 1

Master Bath 2

Extra Bedroom 1

Extra Bedroom 2


And your thoughts on House 2?!?  NOW do you see why we are having so much trouble picking which one is perfect for us?  They are both ready for us to move in, both REALLY cute and both in our price range.  Oh what is a home buyer to do?

The Hunt's House Hunt: The Search

One night in January, the weather unseasonably warm, the Hunt's set out on another round of walk-throughs with their realtor. Visiting house after house they narrowed their search to two... Two of the most beautiful homes they'd ever seen. Now the hard part was to come, which to choose?

Do they pick the 2 story with 4 bedrooms and a pathetic back yard or the 1 1/2 story with 3 bedrooms and a backyard only seen in their dreams? The pros and cons flying, the comparisons made. But which will they pick??
4 beds, 2 1/2 bath - crappy yard with no fence

3 beds, 2 1/2 bath - GREAT YARD with fence