Thursday, February 9

The Hun's House Hunt: The Offer Process

Well, here we sit with deadline approaching. Our paperwork turned in nearly 24 hours early it's just a waiting game now. Here is what happened...

On Sunday, we met with our realtor to complete the offer paperwork. Our info was submitted and we skipped out of her office with excitement. Monday we got the call - other offers are on the table and they may decide not to even review ours. Not losing hope, we began praying. If this was to be our house, let them add us to this mix! On Tuesday we got the notification that our offer had been added to the mix and that we would be going into a "highest & best" situation. Wednesday we received the paperwork needed and promptly signed and returned them so our realtor could submit our final offer - the same as before in our case. The deadline for submitting the forms is today at 1pm. Until then, no decisions will be made as all parties have to go "all in" if they want this house. I'm anxious but at ease during this process. Part of me feels like we will get the house and the other part that is unsure has given it to God. If this is the house we will call home then we will get it. If not, God will lead us to our home. :)

So now, we wait. And although I'm relying on God, I'm still impatient! :)

More news to follow... Whenever we hear!

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