Wednesday, February 8

Baking Soda & Solo Cups

Has anyone ever heard of the Baking Soda gender test? Ok, me neither (& if you said yes then whoopty freakin do). My gal pal from my days at the U of A told me about it. You see, she is due 8 days before me so she was giving it a go for herself. I looked up instructions and decided that I wouldn't wait to do it in the comfort of my own bathrooms. No! I'll try it at work!!

I scoured the kitchen for my supplies - a disposable cup (because you can't ever wash out pee smell... Ewww) and some Baking Soda. Lucky for me, we have a test friendly facility here!

I sprinkled around a teaspoon of Baking Soda into the cup and then snuck into the bathroom to add my personalized ingredient. (You pee in the cup for those of us who have no clue). The test is supposed to fizz up if you're having a boy because your pee is more acidic. If its a girl, it just mixes together with no bubbly action.

Well, here is the results... It fizzed around the edge but not in the middle and no where near as much as other photos I found online. (Yes, people post pictures of their frothy/non-frothy pee. I was disturbed so I'm sparing a photo). I'm leaning towards girl BUT who knows!! We have our next ultrasound in 6 weeks where we should find out a more definite answer.

Much love,
Steph & Peanut

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