Sunday, September 19

Wedding Day

Welp, it's here... Today is wedding day! I cannot believe all the hard work and long planning process has come to an end. It's a bittersweet feeling...

I'm sure many of you former brides think I'm nuts for posting this morning, but since I've been awake since 5:30, already had my Hampton Inn waffle & would wake up my beautiful bridesmaids if I went back upstairs, I thought I'd take a sec to recap the amazing amount of feelings that are running through my heart right now.

I'm stoked! Today I marry my best friend!! I am so excited to start the next part of our journey together...

I'm nervous... My stomach is an absolute mess! I feel like I swallowed 10 butterflies or something! Maybe that waffle wasn't the best idea. :-/ By the way, not a fan of being the center of attention, so being the bride is gonna be hard. Can you request your guests to not look at you? Ha!!

I'm excited! Christmas morning as a child times 10 type of excitement. Hey, maybe I'll be able to sleep on Christmas Eve from now on! ;)

I'm on the verge of being emotional. I can feel the tears coming, but know that they won't start rolling until about 3:15 or so... I hope.

I'm a ball of feelings right now. Seriously! It's the strangest feeling.

Thank you to all of our family and friends for helping us get to where we are today... We are so blessed to have you and each other!

GREAT Times & God Bless,
Mrs. Hunt ;)

Tuesday, September 14

Wedding Week Has Arrived

Hello Blogging Buddies!!

Wedding week is FINALLY upon us! After 10 months of blood, sweat & tears we will soon be able to see the fruits of our labor. Excited is an understatement!

The vendors we have selected over the engagement / planning process will surely be put to the test this Sunday. With our guest list topping out at 275 (about 75 - 100 more than we had originally expected) there will be lots of people looking for a great time. Quick note to future brides: don't listen to the 60% rule of attendance... We are pushing 92%!!

When I return from my magical Jamaican getaway, I will review each of the vendors. Future brides should get the good, the bad & the ugly of it all up front. Although I'm sure MY vendors are going to be the good!

Just for a quick note, here are the vendors that are help us make our day so special:
Catering - Ippolitos @ The Forum
Cake - Sugar Kneads
Photography - Platinum Bride
DJ - Complete Music
Venue - 550 Trackside
Guest Transportation - The Lawrenceville Trolley

Cannot wait to share this time with our friends & family!!

GREAT Times & God Bless,
Steph "Hunt to be"

Thursday, September 9

The Forgiveness of Sins

Have you ever had one of those moments? You know, where you suddenly realize what God's message is to you? I like to call them your "Here's Yerr Sign" (thank you Bill Engval) moments. Well, I had one of those just about 5 minutes ago.

Let me begin by going back to last night... Our small group is back in session (amen to that) and we are diving into Vintage Jesus this semester. Now, let me start by sharing that I am a Christian. I love Jesus. However, lately I've been feeling like a fan instead of a follower... I feel like I'm falling down on my face instead of running toward the light. Get it? So I'm stoked to get into this and see what it is inside me that is holding me back.

Anyway, back to my "ta-dah" moment... Last night we learned about the different aspects of Jesus that make him the one true God. I've wrestled with that for YEARS but last night helped in my journey toward ultimate faith and today, something discussed last night - something that came from my own lips - smacked me upside the head.

Here's Yerr Sign - These past few months have been a bit of a struggle seeing that all goes well and smooth for the wedding (10 days to go). Today everything seemed to pile up and explode causing more stress than I was really hoping for at this point. All day, back and forth, to and fro, here and there... Ok, enough. My mom sent me an uplifting email in which she told me to do one thing to get rid of the negative thoughts and feelings... She told me to PRAY.

While I was pondering the mornings festivities (if you will) and her email, it hit me... Last night, what was my response to why I believe Jesus is the way, the truth & the light? "Because He forgives our sins"


So I pray, Dear Lord, that you grant me the ultimate peace with things that arise such as they did this morning and that You give me the grace to forgive others as You do so me each day.

Be uplifted y'all. It's amazing what Jesus can do for you! :)

Good Times & God Bless,

Luke 5:20-21

Tuesday, September 7

Fall Fever

Hello Blogging Buds! I'm sure if you live around the South, you are SO with me when I proclaim I AM READY FOR FALL!! I do love the heat and sun of summertime, but I've got Fall Fever BAD this year. I'm ready for the changing colors, pumpkins and spice scents, cooler temperatures, football - ya get it.

Since I've caught "tha fevah", I went ahead and began my home transformation over this past weekend. I mean, what a way to usher out the last weekend if summer (not really, but unofficially) than to throw up some fall foliage and lights, right?

Take a look at my fall frenzy mantel (& excuse the iPhone quality photo). This so simple look took all of 5 minutes. All I used were:
1 - set of white lights with brown cord
2 - two leaf garlands I bought on sale a few years back
3 - my olive jars from Willow House (formerly Southern Living at Home)
4 - my new "H"s from my dear friend Kelly
5 - twigs that the Mr picked up while exploring with the pup

In a nutshell, I had all these lovlies at home, combined them and tah-dah, a beautiful look for the fall. Now all we need is a TV to join the party ;).

How are you decorating your digs for the cooler temps? Any suggestions for other parts of the house?

Good Times & God Bless,

Blogging From The iPhone

Hey readers!

I'm super excited to share that I'm blogging from my iPhone! Hoping this allows me to post more... Off to explore the new app!

Good times & God Bless!