Thursday, September 9

The Forgiveness of Sins

Have you ever had one of those moments? You know, where you suddenly realize what God's message is to you? I like to call them your "Here's Yerr Sign" (thank you Bill Engval) moments. Well, I had one of those just about 5 minutes ago.

Let me begin by going back to last night... Our small group is back in session (amen to that) and we are diving into Vintage Jesus this semester. Now, let me start by sharing that I am a Christian. I love Jesus. However, lately I've been feeling like a fan instead of a follower... I feel like I'm falling down on my face instead of running toward the light. Get it? So I'm stoked to get into this and see what it is inside me that is holding me back.

Anyway, back to my "ta-dah" moment... Last night we learned about the different aspects of Jesus that make him the one true God. I've wrestled with that for YEARS but last night helped in my journey toward ultimate faith and today, something discussed last night - something that came from my own lips - smacked me upside the head.

Here's Yerr Sign - These past few months have been a bit of a struggle seeing that all goes well and smooth for the wedding (10 days to go). Today everything seemed to pile up and explode causing more stress than I was really hoping for at this point. All day, back and forth, to and fro, here and there... Ok, enough. My mom sent me an uplifting email in which she told me to do one thing to get rid of the negative thoughts and feelings... She told me to PRAY.

While I was pondering the mornings festivities (if you will) and her email, it hit me... Last night, what was my response to why I believe Jesus is the way, the truth & the light? "Because He forgives our sins"


So I pray, Dear Lord, that you grant me the ultimate peace with things that arise such as they did this morning and that You give me the grace to forgive others as You do so me each day.

Be uplifted y'all. It's amazing what Jesus can do for you! :)

Good Times & God Bless,

Luke 5:20-21

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