Wednesday, August 26

Bloody PSA

Recently a new public service announcement has come out showing the negative affects of texting while driving. The controversial clip was created in Europe but is flooding the Internet sites here in America. After watching the video yesterday, I too passed it along via Facebook. It is a pretty graphic video, but an important one.

On the AJC’s website today there is an article written by a Theresa Walsh Giarrusso in response to the video. She asks the following questions of moms:
1 – What do you think of the video? Is it too violent? Is it too graphic?
2 – Would you show this clip to your teen?
3 – Do you think it would make them think before driving and texting?
4 – Would you be ok with the school showing it to your teen?

As a non-mom, and a past text/driver, I know that my responses to these questions vary from parents who have been there and done that. My concern with her write-up is simply, why wouldn’t you show this to your teen? Think about the movies that children in our society watch. (Final Destination & Halloween 2 are coming out this week, and I’m sure they are full of gory details.) Should our society hide the important truth from children and teens? Or should they have to face the reality that with dangerous situations come dangerous, and possibly even deadly, results.

The impact of the video is one that may be able to save lives in our country. I’m for the video being shown in schools, on television, before movies, and anywhere else that it could reach the majority of the American drivers. Teens aren’t the only ones who make this mistake…

Here is the video. It truly will make you think before taking your eyes off the road to text – save the texting for red lights.

Tuesday, August 25

Listless Life

Note: After PK’s emotional service on Sunday I felt like I needed to get some things off of my chest… This blog may be a bit of a ramble. I’m sorry for that, but it is the way things are pouring out of my heart.

I can feel it happening again. Every so often the irritable wave comes knocking when I least expect it. The last time I can remember feeling like this was the end of my sophomore year in college. I wanted to be left alone… everyone irritated me… the more life pushed, the more I pushed back. And here I sit, feeling the same way all over again.

It’s the strangest feeling ever. I feel distant, yet present all at the same time. I feel heartless in situations that matter most to me. I feel like people just don’t get the big picture, but I do, even though that’s not the case. The point is, I get irritated with those closest to me and I want to be left alone. Small things like a simple comment or text, an email, a look, the lack of a response… they all seem to grind on my nerves like a gear needing oil. Certain events that should trigger a huge emotional response from me, no matter good or bad, seem to barely graze my skin. I’m moved only by extreme situations, but even then, the emotions that should flow from me are limited.

Yesterday, when thinking back on Sunday’s powerful service I started to consider why I might be feeling this way. Several ideas ran through my head, but the most prevalent ones seemed to be: am I going to be able to help those in my life who are struggling through some pretty rough issues? Am I really strong or is it a fa├žade that I put on to protect myself? Do I REALLY put God first?

PK’s breakdown on Sunday hit a nerve of mine. After wondering if the 12Stone cameras were actually in my apartment, I started to realize the simple fact that God had moved PK to talk to people like me (heck, maybe even just me!)… Have I been putting God first? No. The listlessness that I’ve been feeling is the creeping response to a life without the right firsts. It’s the signs that I’m straying from the right path.

As long as my question, “do I REALLY put God first” is answered with a YES, all things are possible. So now my next question… how do I go about making things right? Where do I begin with putting God first in my life, everyday and not just on Sundays?

Philippians 4:13
Matthew 6

Thursday, August 20

Furry Little Hunt

I’m super excited to announce that Brandon and I are now puppy parents! After several months (possibly even a year) of longing and searching for our dog we finally found her. During my lunch break the other day I was looking through Craigslist to see what dogs were up for adoption. This has become a routine thing for me, just to check out the new dogs, the cheap dogs, etc. While thumbing through the listings I came across one that read “Need Homes ASAP”. Let’s just say my attention was caught.

The listing was from the Cleveland (Georgia) Veterinary Hospital and showed several pitiful dogs that need forever homes. None of those dogs interested me, but I thought I’d give the site a look.

When I opened up their site on I saw it! The little black face, the white chin, the sweet eyes… our search was over! And this is where it should be ending… happily ever after and all that good stuff right? Wrong… that comes later.

I rushed home that afternoon to tell Brandon about the dog and to show off the pictures. He was immediately on board (I love that guy!) and said that we needed to find out how much, when we could go meet our newest family member, etc. I called to find out that the price would be about $75 for a neutered little boy. Perfect! We placed a hold on the puppy and planned to go up Saturday morning to meet and bring him home!

A couple of hours later I received a call from a nice lady at the hospital. She explained their adoption process and told me that I could pay now and have the spay/neuter surgery done tomorrow, making the puppy ready to come home for good on Saturday OR we could leave a $100 deposit and bring the puppy all the way back to Cleveland at a later date. Umm… $100 versus $75… I quickly got Brandon on the phone to figure out what we needed to do. Do we go ahead with the purchase and pay for the dog to have surgery? What if it doesn’t like us? What if we don’t like it? We have searched too long… this was the dog! We went for it. The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow… pray all goes well.

Note, in most of the above paragraphs I said HE, well… HE is actually a SHE! The Internet listing was shown wrong… I got that call a few minutes after finalizing my payment authorization and adoption procedures. It caught me off guard because I was so prepared for a little boy. (I wanted to name him Paulie after my favorite Sopranos character and everything!) After getting Brandon back on the phone for his blessing I gave the ok for the additional $10 fee for the female surgery. Now on to the important things… what shall we name her?

All is well with the world because God has put her in our lives and we are SO super exited to meet her on Saturday. Finally, the search is over… we have our first little Hunt.

Wednesday, August 19

Sewing Adventures: The Tote

Ok, here is the update on the crafting ventures that I recently started. I completed my first project: a tote!

My trip to Joann’s was anything but simple. I felt overwhelmed with the different fabrics, patters, threads, EVERYTHING! The good part about it was that the lady was nice enough to guide me through the directions on the pattern and help me decide exactly how much fabric I needed. I was able to pick out the patterns myself! :)

Once I got back home I started cutting out each of the 15 patterns. For those of you who are not sewers, patterns are made from thin tissue paper and require extreme care when cutting. After cutting out the patterns I had to decide which fabrics I wanted to use for the different sections and start cutting!

Finally, after all of the preparation, I was able to being using the machine! Sewing each piece carefully, sometimes messing up and having to re-do, I was able to complete the tote in just a couple of hours!

My next adventure will be another tote. I want to be able to firm up my stitches, make them a little stronger, have no visible threads, etc. After that… who knows?!

Tuesday, August 18

Let It Go

After week two of The Convenience Series at 12Stone, I started thinking about how truly important this set of sermons is for us today. More than ever, people seem to be letting the unimportant quarrels of life get in the way of lasting relationships.

I find this ever true in my life. Many times I pick the minutest topic to argue with Brandon about. By holding on to anger we turn simple misunderstandings into feuds that last far too long. Regardless of the feelings involved, the simple fact is that we just have to let it go.

If we could “turn the other cheek” and “let bygones be bygones” we could live more fulfilled lives. Instead of holding grudges and ending relationships, we should forgive and move on.

I know, much easier said than done, but I heard a quote that puts our unforgiving nature into perspective: “you must forgive your brother so God can also forgive you.” So true…

Sunday, August 16

Sewing Adventures: Day 1

After searching for the pedal and finally getting the machine ready to roll, I was able to begin testing my sewing skills. Like riding a bike, once the machine started, I was able to quickly pick up where I had left off so long ago.

My first test was to make a simple pillow out of scrap material I picked up yesterday. Small and simple, the pillow proved to be a success!

Tomorrow I will begin my first real sewing adventure, the tote. I found the pattern I want to
use at Joann’s and will make a craft store run in the morning. All I need now is to think of the material (color, pattern, etc) I want to use and I’ll be good to go. I’m thinking in honor of fall being just around the corner a nice Bama/Georgia look is in order.

Updates to follow!

Tuesday, August 11

Crafting Ventures

Lately I’ve been missing a big piece of my life puzzle due to the ongoing stress of life. I quite enjoy the “old lady hobby” of sewing and have had NO time in the past few months to develop my prowess. My wake up call came at an odd, but greatly needed and appreciated time.

While vacationing on Tybee a couple weeks back I noticed my Victoria’s Secret beach bag was about to croak. The well-loved mesh bag has been faithful for a year, but its times at the lake and beach are coming to an end. I decided to prolong the bag’s life by purchasing a cheap bag at the glorious Wal Mart. Let me interject here and state that the Whitemarsh Island Wally World is still not a Super Center. When you enter you’re not sure if you have stepped into the backwoods of Alabama or if you are in the early 80’s. Any who, back to the bag… I found a precious pink bag with beach chairs, palm trees and flip-flops all over it. The only thing missing was the tag that said, “made specifically for Stephanie Wallace.”

To make a long story short, the bag ripped the day I bought it and I sadly took it back to the backwoods/80’s store. As I returned the piece I thought about getting another, then stopped… why buy a bag made in China by a bunch of kids when I can make my own?! Thus beginning “Martha’s Monday Craft Time.”

My first venture will be to complete my very own beach bag (details to follow). Next “Craft Time To Do” is to complete my stocking. After all, Christmas is only 4 months out and I can’t have Brandon’s stocking hanging all alone on the mantle. If all goes well, you can expect homemade gifts for Christmas. :)

When I think about getting back to my crafts I get excited about the whole process: the beautiful and fun fabrics, the cute accessories, and the pride upon completing a craft masterpiece. It also makes me think of my Grandma, the one who taught me to sew. With a little of my skill, a little luck, and help from her/above, I’ll be a sewing queen come Christmas!