Wednesday, August 26

Bloody PSA

Recently a new public service announcement has come out showing the negative affects of texting while driving. The controversial clip was created in Europe but is flooding the Internet sites here in America. After watching the video yesterday, I too passed it along via Facebook. It is a pretty graphic video, but an important one.

On the AJC’s website today there is an article written by a Theresa Walsh Giarrusso in response to the video. She asks the following questions of moms:
1 – What do you think of the video? Is it too violent? Is it too graphic?
2 – Would you show this clip to your teen?
3 – Do you think it would make them think before driving and texting?
4 – Would you be ok with the school showing it to your teen?

As a non-mom, and a past text/driver, I know that my responses to these questions vary from parents who have been there and done that. My concern with her write-up is simply, why wouldn’t you show this to your teen? Think about the movies that children in our society watch. (Final Destination & Halloween 2 are coming out this week, and I’m sure they are full of gory details.) Should our society hide the important truth from children and teens? Or should they have to face the reality that with dangerous situations come dangerous, and possibly even deadly, results.

The impact of the video is one that may be able to save lives in our country. I’m for the video being shown in schools, on television, before movies, and anywhere else that it could reach the majority of the American drivers. Teens aren’t the only ones who make this mistake…

Here is the video. It truly will make you think before taking your eyes off the road to text – save the texting for red lights.

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