Tuesday, September 1

Inspirational Baptism

Sunday at 12Stone was inspiring.  Witnessing Open Baptism for the first time I was absolutely awestruck at the amount of people who gave their lives to Christ.  I felt honored that I was able to be a part of each person’s dedication.  It was amazing!! 

Watching the baptisms Sunday made me think about my own spiritual track, my own baptism.  Being raised Presbyterian; I was baptized as an infant.  Presbyterians believe that “the baptism of a baby signals that God acts on our behalf even before we are able to respond.” (Presbyterian Church USA – pcusa.org)  I still believe this, but after witnessing the power of God on the hearts of the 12Stone attendees Sunday, wondered if God could move me to be “re-baptized”.  Is it even possible or proper to be baptized more than once in your lifetime? 

It makes sense to me, but I’m not 100% up on church doctrines.  To me, if I ever decided to be “re-baptized”, it would signify that I was reaffirming my parents’ decision.  It would be my decision to show the world that I was giving my life to Christ.  Make sense? 

Although, I do not feel that I need to be baptized again to fulfill my walk with God, I do think that it would be an option to keep open…

One thing that Open Baptism Sunday did for me was inspire me to finally begin a yearlong walk with the Lord.  To follow along, you can check out my new blog / Bible journal http://stephsbiblejourney.blogspot.com/.

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