Friday, September 11

Eight Years & Counting

Just like any other morning I had pulled myself out of bed, prepped and scooted off to Central. After taking first period to wake up, I managed to slump into my seat in the band room. There was an interesting buzz flowing through the air… something about a plane crash. I thought nothing of it considering that I still wasn’t 100% awake. After the bell I scurried across school to the math wing, where I found my teacher glued to her television. “A plane has crashed into the Twin Towers… emergency crews… death… fire…” As we all silenced and placed our attention to the announcer it happened… the second plane hit the towers. For the remainder of the day everyone in the school feared for their families, their friends. What was happening? Who was responsible? How could this happen in America?

Eight years later, I think back on that day as if it were yesterday. The vivid emotions and pictures, the sounds and thoughts still swirl through my mind haunting me. This morning while I was on my way to work, the Regular Guys paused for a moment to reflect on that day. This caused a stir in me that I feel every year since 9/11/01… It made me think back to that day. It made me remember. Sometimes I feel that we forget what sacrifices total strangers have made for us.

I would like to thank every man, woman, and child who has sacrificed something for our country. Because of you, everyone else has the great gift of living free… God Bless You All and God Bless Amercia!

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