Wednesday, September 9

That’s Ms. College Football to You

My favorite time of year is upon us… yes, college football season.

For the second year in a row, I’m participating in a football pool. Each week we make our picks, plug them into the computer, and hope that things work out our way. Since last weekend was the first week of the season and the pool, I thought I’d brag a moment… I have a nice solid lead… by nearly 10 points! Great way to start out the season!!

One thing that I find amusing is the fact that MOST guys just assume that because I’m a girl, I’ll mess up my picks, leaving my $25 buy in for them. Ha… you are greatly mistaken. Growing up in the wonderful state of Georgia, with the college football lovin’ family that I have, I KNOW COLLEGE BALL. Fridays smack talk was muffled yesterday by whispered “congrats” and “any advice?”

As the season progresses, I’m sure I’ll have off weeks… everyone does. The fact of the matter is this; I’m here to play hardball. I know which teams to pick and why to pick them, so don’t assume that, because I’m a girl, I’m an easy last place. You know what assuming does right?

Quick shout out to mom too… she’s holding on to second!

Things look mighty fine from the top spot… on to week #2!

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