Sunday, September 20

Sunday Dinner: A Lost Tradition

"Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts."

Today while sitting in the traffic leaving the church parking lot I asked Brandon what he wanted to do for lunch – the same question I ask each week. Most of the time we head to a local spot with family and friends to spend a few more minutes together before separating in preparation of beginning the new week. Today was different though. Running low on cash, it is not always easy to drop and extra twenty every Sunday. As I asked Brandon the question about lunch I thought about the meatloaf fixings I had sitting at home. Meatloaf it is…

Once at home and while mixing the meatloaf with God’s built in shovels, I started thinking about Sundays past; Sundays from my childhood when good ol’ Southern cooking greeted us weekly. Then I thought to myself, where has the Sunday family meal tradition gone? Has it only slipped from my life? Or have new generations simply missed out on a once treasured time?

At that moment I made my decision – I’m bringing it back. Yes, it is coming back… just like Justin Timberlake when he brought sexy back. My family was going to be invited to join us in delectable goodness known as Southern Tradition. Why should we fixate our lives around restaurants when we have the God given gift of Southern cooking?! What a waste!

Next week the tradition will resurface with a family gathering around my table for the first time in years. Not exactly sure what the menu will hold, but I’ve got nothing but time for that.

Bring your appetite folks because it is gonna be a good one!

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