Saturday, September 19

Revamping Life’s Look

Change is a constant thing, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. I enjoy slight changes in my life, on an occasional basis, when it comes to every topic but style. I enjoy having new looks for the upcoming season, a new pair of shoes to spruce up an old favorite, a shiny new purse that just seems to brighten my day… (Let me interject here to say that I’m not a fashion diva, nor will I ever be. I have entirely too little money for that and I shop no name brands.) Change is something that is a must for the new season, I can feel it. As you can see, I’ve even gone so far as to change the look of my blog. It is just one of those things, when I want change… I’m ready for it yesterday.

On Monday I decided that money or no money, I was going shopping. I pulled my JC Penney credit card out, ready to spend whatever was necessary, and headed to the Mall of Georgia. Riding up the escalator I was setting my limit: “ok, a couple new work to play outfits should only cost $200 max… that’s all I can spend…. I’m broke anyway!” Arriving in the women’s section, I quickly veered to the right to begin sifting through the racks of my favorites, and quickly is how it went. I walked past rack after rack of fall clothes that did absolutely nothing for me. There was none of the “must haves” in the store. Loosing interest I went down to Old Navy to be slapped with the same experience. Fall shopping day number 1 was a total disaster. Not one swipe of the card for me. On the money side of things, that was a blessing – but for my new look, not so much.

I want my new look to be something, cute but edgy; simple yet extravagant. I like the rocker mixed with bohemian style look, but I’m not quite sure I could pull that off. (For gracious sakes, my family and friends think I’m nuts when I paint my nails black!) I don’t want to be way over the top, but maybe on the upside of the swing.

Maybe I’ll wait to try shopping day number two until the weather starts changing a little more, when the leaves begin to turn brilliant colors, and the air cools. The new season’s beginning may be inspiration enough to find something perfect – the new style I’m waiting for.

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