Wednesday, September 23

The Starving Artist

Wordle: Life Dreams

Nearly three years ago I graduated from college and returned home to Atlanta eager to continue learning, begin my career, and network with new people. Diving into the public relations field I felt like I was in the perfect spot - I had made the right career choice. Today, a few changes and years later, I am beginning to feel differently. Being in a creative field is tough work, each day demanding new and exciting ideas - a great design, the perfect press. That is the side of PR that still drives me; it's why I get up and head to work. I chose a creative degree for one reason, so I could be creative! My problem lies in the constriction of my field. How can I obtain total creativity, when I’m forced to work with one topic? What happens to all my other know-hows?
I’m feeling bogged down with the extreme amounts of creativity that I have – all of them in areas other than business of course. My daily routine of a little graphic design here, and a minute amount of writing there seem to be limiting my creative expression. I long for days filled with endless hours of uninterrupted creativity. I want to write. I want to read. I want to be an artist, a photographer, a baker, a seamstress, and a scrapbooking genius. I want to be someone’s inspiration, someone’s storyteller, and someone’s reader. I want to use my talents and all of my inspirational hobbies to make my life whole, to find where I need to be, but how? I feel as though I’m a starving artist – starving for the ability to use my art as my lively means.

Maybe I could start my own business… a crafty kitchen type thing. A company that specializes in my favorite things: cooking, writing, sewing, photography, reading, and the like. I’m not exactly sure what the purpose of the business would be, but I do know that I would enjoy work forever! Until I can begin my crafty kitchen, maybe I should stick with what I know. The monotony of a touch graphic design here and a tad of writing there pays the bills, and these days, it is all we can ask for.

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  1. Wow, Stephanie, I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with you! Obtaining total creativity and not being limited in our expression is the reason my husband and I started our own business. Little by little, starting with what we know to make sure the bills get paid, but also venturing off into other small "harmless" projects that stretch the boundaries of where we envision ourselves, we are literally creating our DREAMS, one step at a time. It all started with unexpectedly receiving an offer to teach part-time at a local college, which freed up time (I was previously working a 9-6, and commuting 2+ hours/day downtown) to pursue our dreams. It is very much a blessing from God.

    I LOVE the idea of a "crafty kitchen"- sounds like a place I'd like to frequent - and I encourage you to GO FOR IT!