Wednesday, August 19

Sewing Adventures: The Tote

Ok, here is the update on the crafting ventures that I recently started. I completed my first project: a tote!

My trip to Joann’s was anything but simple. I felt overwhelmed with the different fabrics, patters, threads, EVERYTHING! The good part about it was that the lady was nice enough to guide me through the directions on the pattern and help me decide exactly how much fabric I needed. I was able to pick out the patterns myself! :)

Once I got back home I started cutting out each of the 15 patterns. For those of you who are not sewers, patterns are made from thin tissue paper and require extreme care when cutting. After cutting out the patterns I had to decide which fabrics I wanted to use for the different sections and start cutting!

Finally, after all of the preparation, I was able to being using the machine! Sewing each piece carefully, sometimes messing up and having to re-do, I was able to complete the tote in just a couple of hours!

My next adventure will be another tote. I want to be able to firm up my stitches, make them a little stronger, have no visible threads, etc. After that… who knows?!

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