Sunday, August 16

Sewing Adventures: Day 1

After searching for the pedal and finally getting the machine ready to roll, I was able to begin testing my sewing skills. Like riding a bike, once the machine started, I was able to quickly pick up where I had left off so long ago.

My first test was to make a simple pillow out of scrap material I picked up yesterday. Small and simple, the pillow proved to be a success!

Tomorrow I will begin my first real sewing adventure, the tote. I found the pattern I want to
use at Joann’s and will make a craft store run in the morning. All I need now is to think of the material (color, pattern, etc) I want to use and I’ll be good to go. I’m thinking in honor of fall being just around the corner a nice Bama/Georgia look is in order.

Updates to follow!

1 comment:

  1. What kind of machine are you using? I get everything around the bobbin and set up correctly but I can't get the thread to go through the needle! agh! I must have spent 2 hours sitting there reading the intstructions trying to figure out what step I was missing.