Thursday, August 20

Furry Little Hunt

I’m super excited to announce that Brandon and I are now puppy parents! After several months (possibly even a year) of longing and searching for our dog we finally found her. During my lunch break the other day I was looking through Craigslist to see what dogs were up for adoption. This has become a routine thing for me, just to check out the new dogs, the cheap dogs, etc. While thumbing through the listings I came across one that read “Need Homes ASAP”. Let’s just say my attention was caught.

The listing was from the Cleveland (Georgia) Veterinary Hospital and showed several pitiful dogs that need forever homes. None of those dogs interested me, but I thought I’d give the site a look.

When I opened up their site on I saw it! The little black face, the white chin, the sweet eyes… our search was over! And this is where it should be ending… happily ever after and all that good stuff right? Wrong… that comes later.

I rushed home that afternoon to tell Brandon about the dog and to show off the pictures. He was immediately on board (I love that guy!) and said that we needed to find out how much, when we could go meet our newest family member, etc. I called to find out that the price would be about $75 for a neutered little boy. Perfect! We placed a hold on the puppy and planned to go up Saturday morning to meet and bring him home!

A couple of hours later I received a call from a nice lady at the hospital. She explained their adoption process and told me that I could pay now and have the spay/neuter surgery done tomorrow, making the puppy ready to come home for good on Saturday OR we could leave a $100 deposit and bring the puppy all the way back to Cleveland at a later date. Umm… $100 versus $75… I quickly got Brandon on the phone to figure out what we needed to do. Do we go ahead with the purchase and pay for the dog to have surgery? What if it doesn’t like us? What if we don’t like it? We have searched too long… this was the dog! We went for it. The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow… pray all goes well.

Note, in most of the above paragraphs I said HE, well… HE is actually a SHE! The Internet listing was shown wrong… I got that call a few minutes after finalizing my payment authorization and adoption procedures. It caught me off guard because I was so prepared for a little boy. (I wanted to name him Paulie after my favorite Sopranos character and everything!) After getting Brandon back on the phone for his blessing I gave the ok for the additional $10 fee for the female surgery. Now on to the important things… what shall we name her?

All is well with the world because God has put her in our lives and we are SO super exited to meet her on Saturday. Finally, the search is over… we have our first little Hunt.

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