Tuesday, August 11

Crafting Ventures

Lately I’ve been missing a big piece of my life puzzle due to the ongoing stress of life. I quite enjoy the “old lady hobby” of sewing and have had NO time in the past few months to develop my prowess. My wake up call came at an odd, but greatly needed and appreciated time.

While vacationing on Tybee a couple weeks back I noticed my Victoria’s Secret beach bag was about to croak. The well-loved mesh bag has been faithful for a year, but its times at the lake and beach are coming to an end. I decided to prolong the bag’s life by purchasing a cheap bag at the glorious Wal Mart. Let me interject here and state that the Whitemarsh Island Wally World is still not a Super Center. When you enter you’re not sure if you have stepped into the backwoods of Alabama or if you are in the early 80’s. Any who, back to the bag… I found a precious pink bag with beach chairs, palm trees and flip-flops all over it. The only thing missing was the tag that said, “made specifically for Stephanie Wallace.”

To make a long story short, the bag ripped the day I bought it and I sadly took it back to the backwoods/80’s store. As I returned the piece I thought about getting another, then stopped… why buy a bag made in China by a bunch of kids when I can make my own?! Thus beginning “Martha’s Monday Craft Time.”

My first venture will be to complete my very own beach bag (details to follow). Next “Craft Time To Do” is to complete my stocking. After all, Christmas is only 4 months out and I can’t have Brandon’s stocking hanging all alone on the mantle. If all goes well, you can expect homemade gifts for Christmas. :)

When I think about getting back to my crafts I get excited about the whole process: the beautiful and fun fabrics, the cute accessories, and the pride upon completing a craft masterpiece. It also makes me think of my Grandma, the one who taught me to sew. With a little of my skill, a little luck, and help from her/above, I’ll be a sewing queen come Christmas!

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