Saturday, February 4

The Hunt's House Hunt: House Visits Round #2

After mulling over the two homes for a few days we decided to enlist the assistance and eyes of our family and friends to check out the two homes. We asked for them to point out all the flaws of each place just in case we missed something on our first visits. Starting at House #2 everyone immediately started singing the praises of the yard and the 1 1/2 story layout. However, when we arrived at House #1 the ooooos and ahhhs began flowing with the impressive entry, the spacious living space and 4 bedrooms. It was as if our concerns were quieted and all fears of "is this the right decision" went out the window.

After looking at House #1 we were greeted by the neighbors wondering when we were moving in. A 15 minute conversation answered more questions making our final decision quite simple. Tomorrow morning we will be submitting an offer!! Prayers that it is promptly accepted and that the inspection goes well.

Here is an action picture of the family inspection of House #1:

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