Wednesday, May 20

Filling a Six-Year Void

It’s been six years. Six years since I lost my beautiful Boston Terrier, Sugar Dawg. After being a loyal companion (and sister because we are REALLY dog people) we lost her at the age of 15. Six years later, I am sitting here longing for the companionship from a cute and cuddly puppy. I miss the ups and the downs, the training and the learning process that follows. I miss the puppy breath! I want a puppy!

This past weekend, Brandon and I continued our search to find the future “Hunt-Wallace” abode. We spent most of the day Saturday visiting different apartment complexes asking questions, seeing apartments, hearing the perks, wondering if they were all worth it… Each place asked one same question. “Will you be bringing a pet with you when you join us?” Our answer was no, but I always threw in “what is your pet policy… just in case.”

I have thought about it since Saturday. What have I done all this time without a dog?! Am I loosing my “dog lovers card”? Dogs can brighten a day, a mood, and a moment. They give unconditional love like nothing else. The six-year void longs to be filled (preferably with a cute little Boston Terrier).

Nothing can replace my Sugar Dawg, but it is time that I fill the void she left behind.

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