Friday, May 22

Sweating The Small Stuff

Tonight, while driving home from the Mill Creek graduation, I witnessed an event that could have changed people’s lives forever. A semi truck about 50 feet in front of me began changing lanes on top of a very compact car. The car swerved onto the shoulder, reacting to the large truck looming in its lane. Luckily, before there was contact, the truck driver realized that he was encroaching lanes and swerved back to correct. I’m sure a few choice words were exchanged, and possibly a “you’re #1” finger, but in the scheme of things, no harm… no foul.

Although this event occurs everyday around Atlanta, tonight’s event struck me differently. Brandon and I had a bit of a sour evening together. He was irritated... I got irritated... We were both irritated and BOOM... “Not-so-hot-night”. While thinking about my “not-so-hot-night”, the potential incident with the semi truck occurred, making me stop thinking irrationally and start thinking more about the larger picture. As if written in story, the cliché, “don’t sweat the small stuff” popped into my head making me realize something very important: how often do we take each other for granted?

What if that had been my car? His car? What would the other have thought after hearing that we had been injured in an accident just minutes after leaving one another? Would the “small stuff” seem important then?

Sometimes life seems to happen in order for things to come into perspective. Although cliché. “don’t sweat the small stuff” is a true-life lesson. We must appreciate each day as if it were our last and appreciate each other the same.

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  1. Remember when that happened to you and me on 316? That truck just didn't see us and I had to jam the brakes on!