Thursday, April 30

The Thrill of The Hunt

I now understand the reason the process for finding a home is called “House Hunting.” You spend months drudging through thousands (it seems) of homes searching for the perfect one. You look… look… look… and finally quit because the “perfect home” doesn’t exist! And then finally, one day you are sitting at your computer and a picture pops up. BAM! That’s it!

“The housing market is at an all time low…” - “…it is in the pits…” - “now is a great time to buy.” How are you so sure?

The loss of jobs and reduction in pay does not warrant a “great time to buy” a $100k+ home. Anything under that would not be somewhere safe to live, and living in an apartment seems like tossing money in a toilet. What are young adults to do in situations like these? With no money for a down payment, closing costs, inspections, should we continue tossing our money to the property managers pockets or should we suck up our pride and move back into the sturdy nest built by our parents?

After careful thought and consideration, I still am going to move forward in the “hunt.” Whether this house is THE house, I still am not 100% sure and feel that Brandon is by my side in that.

To those who have purchased a home in the past, kudos - you’ve done well! Congrats! You survived and real estate jargon and formality. To those whom have yet to begin your “hunt” or are stranded right in the middle of the insanity, best of luck to you. It is a jungle out there.

* I do have to give a “Thank You Much” to Brandon in keeping a level head in this process. Like a typical girl, I got so excited at the thought of having a home to call mine/ours. I lost my normal sense of intelligence and reasoning. He grounded my brain that was hanging in the clouds and brought me back to the reality that this is a huge decision.

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  1. I just went to my friend and said "I want to buy your old house, and this is how much it's worth." Then we went to closing and I moved in. I actually started working on it before we did the closing. THAT, my friend, is the way to go!