Wednesday, April 8

Spring Hardships

I’ve been out of the “gotta write this one down” phase for a couple of weeks now. I’m not sure if it is because life continues to keep getting busier (not even sure how that is possible sometimes) or if I’m just lazy.

I have been thinking about something since church on Sunday. It was a comment the visiting pastor said: “This is a very difficult time of year for a lot of people”. I’ve heard that Christmas is a hard time for people without families to share it with, but Spring?! That’s nuts!! What is so hard about the Spring – other than the pollen for allergy sufferers? The Spring, to me, seems that it would be the easiest time of year. As I wrote in my last post it is a time for cleaning out the old… bringing in the new… a new start… a new look on life… what about that is hard?

Then I started thinking about the pastor’s point of view. He sees people dedicate their lives to Christ throughout the year – maybe because of Easter’s true reason to celebrate (although chicks and rabbits rock) people find it harder to do so.

The thought of someone giving up everything for me is extremely powerful, but maybe I’m still not getting the whole picture. Has growing up in the church and believing in God my entire life kept me from understanding this? Am I blind to the actual hardships involved in giving your life to Christ? The answers to those questions may never be, but I do know that each Sunday when new believers stand up for what they believe in it is an overwhelming experience.

I guess the hardship of Spring is something that I will never experience thanks to a wonderful set of parents who began building my faith from the beginning.

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