Saturday, June 5

Moooving Aint No Fun...

... So I'm staying put for the next couple of years!

Hello blogging world! Whew... We are in and the new digs are super-amazingly-fantastic! (Like my new word?)

Let me start with a quick shout out to ALL of the family and friends who helped out (Keith, Tim, Timbo, Deb, Adrian, Waters, Kevin & Ma for watching the granddog). We appreciate ALL the help and would've never been able to get it done without you!!

As we started unpacking everything I decided that the walls were going to have to stay the plain ol' creamy color for a while - I have no energy or time to tackle that right now. Slowly, but surely, things are being unpacked and pictures are making their way to the walls - it's so nice!!!

Here are a couple of quick pictures of the place. Note, it is no where near being finished on the decorating end.

Living Room

Dining Room


Mary Kay Office

Stop on by for a tour anytime! :)

Good times & God bless,

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