Tuesday, July 17

Be Thankful: False Labor

This morning has been rather eventful. I woke up for work as always, dragged myself through my morning routine and poured myself into my car for my 1-hour commute. The only difference was that I started having contractions just before I left the house (around 6:45am)! Now I knew that this was most likely false labor but it still was nerve wracking for the long commute. Once I got to my office I was able to time the contractions - had 5 during the 8 o'clock hour, 4 during the 9 o'clock hour and 3 during the 10 o'clock hour. As they progressively slowed down I'm figuring all is well!

Yesterday's report of 2cm & 50% effaced also helped keep my mind on the false labor. Needless to say, I'll be packing my hospital bag tonight just to be safe ;).

Today I am thankful for God's calming grace. As I started feeling the stronger contractions this morning I had a moment of panic that was quickly followed by a calming feeling as if someone put their arms around my shoulders and whispered, "it will be ok... Stay calm." My prayer is the same calm will overcome me during actual labor!

Due date is 27 days away, but I'm not feeling confident that we will make it that long! ;)

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