Wednesday, January 20

Food Critic: Oyster Bay Cafe

Directly across from the historic courthouse comfortably sits the county seat’s newest seafood spot - Oyster Bay Seafood Café. Boasting daily specials, to-go orders, delivery to local businesses and catering services, Oyster Bay serves old favorites such as “U Peel ‘Em Shrimp”, as well as exciting new dishes like the “Grouper Reuben Sandwich”.

Oyster Bay Seafood Café’s décor is inviting, making diners feel as if they have traveled hundreds of miles to the nearest beach-town. Nautical scenes and signs play off the dark wall to create a relaxing yet upbeat atmosphere welcoming to patrons of all ages.

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  1. Hi there! This has absolutely nothing to do with your blog, but I googled my (our!) name earlier and you were on the first page. I thought it was kind of cool that we live so close to one another, so I just wanted to say hey! Feel free to email me if you want to say hey back :)

    -Stephanie Wallace