Tuesday, October 18

Wishing For a Weekend

So I'm just a little excited for this weekend to arrive...

Well, I thought you'd never ask! You see, we are going on our second annual trip to the mountain house to spend the weekend with some super people. Picture it... Beautiful North Georgia mountains dawning the seductive colors of harvest, apple stands and pumpkin patches and most importantly:

COOLER WEATHER!! I'm busting out the boots and cute sweaters this weekend y'all.

One of the best things about this trip is the drive up. Just an hour in the car with my sweetie. Being giddy with excitement about the weekend, stopping at random joints for boiled peanuts and a diet coke - you know, the things that make the world go round.

Here is to a FAST week followed by a wonderful weekend reminiscing on why I love my state.

Much Love,

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