Wednesday, November 23

"Thankful" Doesn’t Cover it.

This entire month I’ve watched as people post daily items for which they are thankful.  They all make me smile as I Facebook stalk people (everyone does it… so I can be open about my habits).  I didn’t want to jump in to the mix this year because thankful doesn’t cover the way I feel about my life. 

Let’s rewind a year – I was deathly ill with a never-ending case of Salmonella that my doctors couldn’t cure.  The Salmonella caused severe dehydration that sent my body reeling against itself which eventually lead to me developing an allergy to gluten and altering my immune system enough to trigger psoriatic arthritis.  However, a year ago, I had no answers and no end in sight.  I had been extremely sick since September and had no idea the worst was still to come.

I won’t go back through all the details – check earlier blog posts for those.  The thought of reflecting on how the past year has changed my life forever makes a knot catch in my throat.  My health is nearly restored and my faith in God is abundant.  How blessed am I?

My top 3 “I’m SO much more than Thankful for” list is:
1.  The Healing Power of Prayer & those of you who have prayer for my health and well-being this past year.  Because of YOU I’m recovering very nicely.
2.  The Gift of Baptism which I was blessed to receive on August 28, 2011.
3.  My amazingly supportive husband who has been tested tremendously in our first year of marriage.  Our first year put our vows of “for worse…” and “in sickness” to the test.

My wish for each and every one of you is that you receive as many blessings as I have within the past year; that you get to spend this wonderful holiday with your family; and that you always remember the true reason for the Christmas season.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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