Tuesday, January 31

My Absence Explained

So yeah... Remember how I've sucked at blogging and I said last week there was an explanation? Well it's because I'm exhausted. I'm sick all day... IT'S BECAUSE I'M PREGNANT!! Do you know how incredibly hard it's been to keep my little secret?? Sheesh! Well at least now you know :)

I'm 12 weeks as of yesterday with hopes of my first trimester ailments (extreme morning/day/night sickness and lackadaisicalness) will be leaving my daily routine soon. Pray y'all. Pray that I can stop losing my lunch (and dinner) everyday! I'm also wishing for some more energy in order to let my creative juices flow again. Thus far I've spent my pregnancy working, sleeping, and trying to eat if I feel well.

Here I am with Peanut!

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  1. Goodness, I just saw this post--CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D