Friday, August 3

10 Days Until D-Day

I. Can't. Believe. This.

In 10 days (or less) I will be a mom. WHAT?!? I know, it's insanity.

I've decided that no matter how much mind prep, books read, chats with the doctor (and everyone else who has to toss in their 2 cents), diapers and outfits received, you're never truly prepared for the life change that occurs when baby finally arrives. Although I've watched my belly grow and stretch (and I mean STRETCH) for the past 9 months, I still cannot believe that there is a precious little boy waiting to join our family. How amazing. How scary. How awesome.

Who will he look like? How long will he take to get here? How big will he be? So many questions roll through my brain as these last days come to an end. I can only describe it as Christmas - you see your gifts, wrapped safely under the tree and for the longest time you wonder what each holds... What gift does this precious little life hold for our family?

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