Thursday, October 7

Wedding Vendors: David's Bridal & Savvi Formalwear

As promised, I'm going to recap & rate the vendors who helped make our wedding such a HUGE success. I'll rate on a grading scale, so it's universally known what is going down.

I figured there really was no rhyme or reason for where to start, so today we will chat about the dresses & tuxes.

David's Bridal:
Product = A
Customer Service = D
Reliability = F
Overall Rating = D+

I know, strange to see the varied grading on this one... Here is the scoop... Back in December of 2009, I visited David's Bridal to check out their selection. I was very happy with the bridesmaids dresses and actually picked them out there on the spot - 20 minutes down. I then went to the bridal dress side and had HUGE success, finding the gown I wanted in record timing... Not to mention, it was the $99 gown (woop!). Selection day at David's Bridal was perfect, but from there on out it went down hill fast!

Each of my bridesmaids (I had 5) ran into issues when it came time to purchase their dress. The dress selections were lost & had to be re-entered, the color selections were incorrect, they discontinued one of my colors and, finally, they ordered the wrong size for one of my girls. Now, as a bride who was doing the wedding planning & prep herself, these kinks (if you will) were staggering at times.

In the end, the products were all as I had originally wanted, but that sure didn't come without several heated phone calls to the manager & a headache or two on my end.

If you do decide that David's is the place for you, call your consultant to check on your registry occasionally... I know they are supposed to call you, but sometimes you've got to take it into your own hands ladies!

Savvi Formalwear:
Product = A
Customer Service = B+
Reliability = C+
Overall = B

This was a fun process. Brandon, Kevin (my little bro) & I went to the Savvi shop at the Mall of Georgia where they greeted us with a smile. The process was painless (I was shocked at the number of different types of tuxes) and relatively quick. They matched our color swatches to perfection & off we went!

My only deductions on the grading are because I had asked for the guys to select the shoes of their choice, but they didn't note that in their system. Causing a bit of a stir three days out from the wedding with the wrong shoes for the guys because "the bride didn't select a specific shoe" was a bit silly. I mean, it's a freaking shoe people!! Who cares!?! However, they quickly fixed all problems and the guys looked gorgeous!

A quick note:
Ladies, don't be bridezilla. Every vendor I had told me that I was the most easy-going bride they had ever met. Seriously? Life isn't perfect, so what makes you think your wedding day will be any different? Just make your picks, be open to ideas, and prepare for the best time of your life... Stress is overrated!

Good Times & God Bless,

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