Wednesday, April 25


In loving honor of the sweetest man I was ever blessed to know…

Etched coffee mug “WKE” stained from God’s boxed nectar, 
Warm summer days of kickball in the yard,
            cool nights of roasting marshmallows by the pool.

Ripened tomatoes – tested and cleaned in the chlorinated fun,
Blue lighted water to swim in by night,
Ooo – dah- lahlly in the sky.

Imaginary towns made from cardboard & matchbox cars,
Shot behind the back – the best pool game teacher ever,
Drafters desk & electric eraser.

A garden of love with grandchildren’s’ names etched permanently,
Yard work in a bathing suit, tennis shoes & “Take this job & Shove It” hat,
            Grow Dammnit!

Chinese food & spaghetti with carrots,
Smoked ham & grilled burgers,
            Watch it… SPORT.

Worshiper of Christ and lover of family,
Giving heart rests peacefully now,
Best Grandaddy ever…

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