Thursday, March 1

Preggo Dreams Gone Wild

I've noticed lately that I'm having some of the STRANGEST dreams I've ever had. A few weeks ago I dreamed about this guy I know telling me he lived at Dunkin Donuts. It was odd and I'll never reveal his name because it'll be weird... Ha!

Last night was equally strange. I dreamed that I was out on the town with Franki Valli - you know "Big Girls Don't Cry" and "Grease". We were at a theater seeing a play, then went to dinner and back to what apparently was his apartment but it was located in a Savannah-esque place. In my dream I texted my mom saying "you'll never guess who is showing me the city tonight" (she's a huge fan). The dream didn't really have an end it just faded away...

Any other preggos have really weird dreams or am I just that odd??

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