Thursday, June 28

Making This House Our Home: Upstairs

Yesterday I shared my inspiration for the downstairs of our house. I reviewed with the man in charge and he gave the go ahead! (Now, if anyone would like to contribute funds or energy to the cause... Ha! Kidding. My "penny pinching" self will get these projects underway for the lowest amount possible.)

Since downstairs will host the warm colors, I wanted to contrast to showcase cooler colors upstairs... Here are my inspirations.

1.  Master Bedroom / Bath - coastal (in warmer temps) and snow (in the cooler months).  The colors will be white, slate gray and a gray/blue color.

2.  Guest Bedroom / Bath - a hotel/spa feel to make sure our guests feel welcome and pampered!

I think my house is going to be pretty rocking once we get these projects going!  Now is the hard part... where do I start?!

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