Wednesday, June 27

Making This House Our Home: Downstairs

Well, we moved in 2 months ago. Being extremely unable to live out of boxes we were unpacked and set up the day after move-in... Actually had a Mary Kay Open House the following weekend! (Insane? Perhaps.) We have our fence now installed and the nursery nearly done... So now what?

It's time to tackle the decorating of the remainder of the house! We want to add punches of color to compliment the new carpet and paint that we were so blessed to find when looking at the house. Our style is vintage meets contemporary chic meets casual... It's comfortable and all our own. Of course we want to keep the homey feel and welcome folks with or without shoes into our abode. So, here is what I'm thinking for the downstairs. Since all rooms sorta connect, we will run a theme of:

1.  White cabinets in the kitchen, cream walls, red/brown/tan accents...

2.  Cream walls, red/brown/white/tan accents in living room (keep it cozy)...

3.  Continue the theme into the dining area but add a conversation piece with the light fixture...

Of course we have neither the time nor the money for all of this. It's going to be total DIY Madness Makeover! Now all that's left is to get the husband's seal of approval and we can get started... But where?!

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