Friday, December 21

Let's Eat!

The boy's adventures continue with his latest feat - beginning to eat solid foods. Being a good ol' southern gent from Georgia, we got his eating habits off to a home style start with peaches.

He likes them... I think. Or maybe he just likes to wear them.

{I hate to do this but I must... Please know that we are following our doctor's advice on when to start food. I do understand some parents have differing opinions & that's excellent. Together with our pediatrician we decided to give food a go - please honor our wishes as parents as we honor yours. Thanks!}


  1. Mom wisdom: Who cares what people think? Do the right thing.

    1. Agreed. Just felt a disclaimer was needed before a slew of comments were posted. Thanks for stopping by AND for the words of wisdom!

  2. I love the disclaimer! I feel like I need to wear a t-shirt with that on it... We started solids at 3.9 months. Rice, Oatmeal and now he's on "real" foods. I love Wyatt's face in the first picture!! :) :) Go Mama!!!

  3. Girl! You make the shirt & I'm wearing it! We ARE raising football players after all so these boys need to eat!

  4. already know Ryan & Laney started eating food straight out of the womb! Lol. The best advice you have is "who cares what people think" - do what's best for you & yours & tell everybody else to go Fa-la-la their la's! :-) By the way, my nephew is precious!