Friday, January 11

2013 Resolution Makeover

I received the latest issue of HGTV Magazine in the mail a few days ago. (I know, be jealous or better yet, get your own subscription... It is my favorite!) the editor, Sara Peterson writes about how she always ends the year with unfulfilled / unreached resolutions. Sound familiar? Yeah, for me too. She then said her resolution for this year was to make more obtainable goals/resolutions that will help make her year & life better.

I love it. So stealing this idea.

Here it goes. My list for 2013. The things that I will put into place to make this year a great one. (Of course, they are in no special order.)

1. Coffee, latte & in between: I'm taking a stand. If I want a special coffee drink then I'm having one dang it! I get tired of the same ol' coffee with milk & sugar. This year I will learn how to make the Starbucks inspired drinks & enjoy cafe brews anytime I want. (I already made my first latte & know this was an excellent choice for my list. That drink was gooooood!)

2. Get up when the alarm goes off: No more snoozing for 9 minute intervals. When the alarm goes off I'm jumping (ok sliding) out of bed & starting my day! So far, so good. I'm 11 days in & going strong.

3. Turn off the phone: This one will be a doozie for me. In 2013 I pledge to put down, turn off, whatever my phone & focus on my family time in the evenings. No more "quick checks" of Facebook updates or Tweets, no last minute design emails or order filling. When it is family time, my work is put away & my husband & son are top priority.

4. It's time to grow: This year, I want to grow - personally, spiritually, financially. I want to build Inspired Marketing into a beautiful small company that people know & trust for their marketing, design, writing, & social media needs. I want to further my walk with God, developing habits He wants in my life. I want to breathe easy knowing my finances are in order & we are ok when the bills come in. I want to grow!

5. Inspire the world: Well, at least a small part of the world. I want to become an inspiration to someone this year. Whether it be through my superb parenting skills, (I' kidding, work in progress folks. But seriously? Who isn't.) my growing design business, my friendship, my stopping to help a stranger at the grocery store... Whatever! I just want to inspire someone to get up & do what makes them happy.

I think five is a nice starting point, don't you? The list can build as I master these items, but I don't want to overwhelm myself or set myself up for failure (like every year I say I'm going to exercise).

What are your goals for 2013? KISS (keep it simple stupid) - it makes for a much more successful & happy world!

Happy Friday,

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