Friday, June 19

Glorious Friday

Amazing to me, one of my favorite days of the week is Friday. Seemingly strange because I still have to go through the monotony of my week-day routine, but when the alarm goes off on a Friday morning, I have a little more skip in my step as I scurry off to the showers. The promise of a good weekend (and a reprieve from the workplace) always makes a dragging Friday seem bearable.

Each Thursday I start dreaming of what the weekend will bring: family gatherings, a lake trip, vacations, relaxing time around a pool, time spent with friends. This weekend’s promises are abundant as plans fall into place.

The thing I’m most excited about is my trip to the Suwanee Farmers Market. Tomorrow morning, my friends and I plan to visit the Farmers Market located at the Suwanee Town Park. The thought of fresh tomatoes make me want to wish the rest of Friday away! Must make an earmark in the budget for fabulous fresh produce… so fantastic… so exciting! Check back for a “Farmers Market” report.

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